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The PyGecko project was born out of the need to have a stable web & touch-screen kiosk. Currently this is attained by embedding IE6 in a Delphi.

Since then the requirements have changed slightly. Now we are hoping to embed mozilla gecko in a pygtk app with full DOM access through PyXPCOM.

Yes, we know that gtkmozembed exists and is available through pygtk on linux. However, the C version of gtkmozembed offers you an XPCOM document property, which of course is not available yet to python programmers. Also at the moment mozgtkembed is not available on windows. Hopefully someone else will come up with the windows port before we need to.

Anyway, the goals are as follows:

  1. Embed gecko in PyGTK apps, and eventually allow building python/XUL interfaces on all 3 above platforms without any pygtk dependance

  2. Make a binary distro of PyXPCom for win32, linux and Mac

Possible Follow-on Projects

Mozilla gecko actually presents it's own GUI tool kit. It is called xpToolkit This is what Active State's Komodo is based on.

get involved

active state have kindly made one of the libraries used to build komodo available to the community. this library is called pyxpcom and enables us to "talk to" mozilla with our python programs.

Unfortunately, at the moment, as far as i know, one has to compile mozilla and compile pyxpcom from source. I found it easy to compile mozilla, and PyXPCOM compiled with a few modifications (presented below).

Here's a list of URLs that I've found useful:

To get started, just read the two PyXPCom articles at the top of the above list, the first one tells you how to, download Mozilla src and compile it But read carefully, there's some enviroment variables, that you have to set. And then how to compile PyXPCom, which I'm about to have another crack at.

If you want to participate, get a sourceforge account and email me and I'll add you into the sourceforge project

Short Term Plans

The Project's short term plans are:

By the way

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